energyRET 2013 Brown Bag Lunch Series

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Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre DameNational Science Foundation
Date Description Location
6-25-13 Greening the Bend
Kathleen Pettitjean, Executive Director
Learn about grass roots efforts to make South Bend more sustainable and how you and your students can get involved. Kathleen will also share details of the Rainbarrel Ball.
116 Pasquerilla Center
6-27-13 Technology Resources for the classroom:
John Gensic, EnergyRET teacher and session moderator
John developed an app called "Bio on the Go" that he will share, but there will be plenty of time for sharing resources so bring your favorite technology, website, and app ideas to share.
116 Pasquerilla Center
7-2-13 Good Ideas from Great Teachers (You!)
Ken Polling, Energy RET teacher and session moderator
Everyone has at least one secret weapon to getting their students engaged and learning. We have 17 expert teachers lets share ideas! Bring your favorite project, game, activities, etc. to share with the group so everyone leaves a little wiser.
109 Stinson-Remick
7-9-13 South Bend Municipal Energy Office
Jonathon Geels
Learn what the city is doing to save energy. Jonathon is also a landscape designer with lots of ideas for green spaces in our city.
109 Stinson-Remick
7-11-13 Ivy Tech Nanotechnology Program
Abdollah Adabgassi, Director of the Nanotechnology Program
What do you recommend to students that love science, but can't afford a four year degree? Prof. Adabgassi will showcase the two-year nanotechnology program (one of the few in the nation right here in South Bend!) Ivy Tech has an extensive collection of equipment to train its students to run. It also works with Notre Dame to teach its students clean room techniques.
116 Pasquerilla Center
7-16-13 Energy Savings in Architectural Design
Aimee Buccellato, Notre Dame School of Architecture Professor
Prof. Buccellato is passionate about architectural design and sustainability. She studies how building can best utilize energy. She is also involved with the Green Cloud project, a collaboration between computer science and electrical engineering which looks at using waste heat from computer servers to heat buildings.
109 Stinson-Remick
7-18-13 Solar Energy for Homes
Garner Wireman, Sales Representative from Home Energy, LLC
Whenever energy comes up in the classroom, students inevitably want to know: How much does it cost? Can I put solar panels on my house? Why don't we have solar panels at school? Learn how system designers recommend and design systems for homes so you can turn it into a teachable moment for your students or integrate it into your classroom as a project.
109 Stinson-Remick
7-23-13 Highlights from the High Schools that Work conference
Alexa Kutch, EnergyRET teacher
Alexa was asked by her school to attend the High Schools that Work Conference this summer. Come learn what the conference was about and some of the highlights from it.
108 Stinson-Remick
7-25-13 Enrichment Opportunities for Students and Teachers
Nevin Longenecker, EnergyRET participant
Nevin has a huge amount of enrichment opportunities that he has collected over the years that he would like to share with the group. He also has developed an extensive research class for his high school students.
108 Stinson-Remick
7-30-13 How to Impress a Science Fair Judge
David Leighton, Northern Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair Director of Judges
Rebecca Hicks, Judge for Siemen's: We Can Change the World Competition.
What captivates judges and makes them take a closer look at student projects? What are some things that your students should avoid? Whether it's a science fair or alternative science competition, learn some tips to be a better coach to your students.
108 Stinson-Remick